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Mark in Right Gully at Tux -  April 2013

People hire Mark for who he is.  As a former ski instructor and seasoned HR leader, he knows that learning doesn't take place in the "comfort zone".... so he artfully coaxes clients into their "learning zone"... a place where they can safely explore their values, vision, goals, and action plans.  Clients report a coaching experience that is exciting, powerful, honest, and action-oriented - - an experience that helps them move forward to achieve more than they ever expected.

I have had the opportunity to work with Mark as my coach for a little over a year and am grateful for his perceptive insights and support throughout this time.  During our initial 12 months of coaching, we navigated through a series of pivot points in my career, positively influenced and guided by Mark.  I have always found Mark to be completely tuned into my state-of-mind, my general energy, and my work context.


Having earned my PhD in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, much of my career has been focused within a deeply technical career track.  Thanks to his thoughtful questioning and encouragement, I was able to articulate what I truly cared about most in both my professional and personal life.  Keeping sight of this larger vision, Mark has always been both kind and thought provoking, allowing me the opportunity to navigate my career paths in a way that is consistent with my values and vision.  Supported by Mark’s keen and insightful coaching, I have been able to move up the career ladder with a promotion into Program Leadership, and subsequently to pivot to a completely different business development role on our commercial team.


Mark also brought his deep expertise in people management to our conversations, shared relevant experiences, and worked with me to develop skills in engaging stakeholders, which has also been very useful in my current customer-facing role.  Mark has helped refine my leadership style to be more impactful, guided me through change management (two roles in 12 months in the same company), significantly influenced my ability to have effective critical conversations, and he helped me develop a more compelling executive presence within the company.

I recommend Mark without hesitation to anyone wishing to focus on their professional growth.


Sneha Srikrishnan PhD,

Director of Growth, Ginkgo Bioworks

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